Dry Eye

Oculis announces positive data from phase 2 trials with novel topical TNF alpha antagonist OCS-02 for DED, acute anterior uveitis

Oculis reported positive data from two of its clinical proof-of-concept phase 2 trials for OCS-02, a novel topical anti-TNF alpha antibody fragment candidate, for the treatment of dry eye disease and acute anterior uveitis.

Repository corticotropin injections: Relief for refractory severe noninfectious keratitis

Joseph Grieco, PhD, notes that treatment fills a gap for patients who are unresponsive to the standard treatments for noninfectious keratitis.

Studying 10 years of dry eye disease flares

Christopher Starr, MD, discusses key points from his virtual ARVO 2021 presentation regarding dry eye disease flares, including a rapid readout assessment of 10 years' worth of world literature to analyze studies in which the inflammatory disease's condition are categorized.

Exploring the Management of Dry Eye

April 30, 2021

A panel of ophthalmologists and optometrists discuss the significance of addressing dry eye disease using various types of treatment strategies, including pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic options.