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Study: One of two macular degeneration drugs outperforming other at weaning patients off treatment at one year

Aflibercept and bevacizumab are the two most frequently used therapies for the treatment of wet AMD.

STAAR Surgical opens EVO Experience Center in US

According to the company, the facility will serve as a hub of the EVO Lens-Based Experience for ophthalmic surgeons, staff and healthcare practitioners.

Treatment for ‘financial cataracts’

Patricia Piers, PhD, discusses a career of innovation in ophthalmology, looks to future

December 02, 2022

In a two-decade career as a researcher at Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision, Piers has been a part of teams at the forefront of a number of innovations in IOLs. She discusses her career and the outlook for research and development in ophthalmology.

Genetics of glaucoma

December 01, 2022

Janey Wiggs, MD, PhD, associate chief of Ophthalmology Clinical Research at Massachusetts Eye & Ear discusses genetics of glaucoma, providing an overview of what is known about genes and gene mutations that can cause or contribute to glaucoma.

Re-Vana Therapeutics raises $11.9 million in Series A financing for development of ophthalmic therapeutics

November 30, 2022

Re-Vana has demonstrated that its platform can achieve 6 months or greater sustained delivery of an anti-VEGF biologic at therapeutically-relevant levels with high drug loading, controlled burst release, and a favorable degradation profile.