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Study: 87% of workers have increased concerns about working in an office amid rise of new COVID-19 variants

As the omicron variant continues to surge across the country, putting staff at many practices on edge, waning immunity may be driving an increase in virus infections.

Study: Eyes may become windows into aging process

The difference between retina’s biological age and person’s real age linked to heightened death risk, with a team of Australian investigators finding that evidence suggests the microvasculature in the retina may be a reliable indicator of the overall health of the body’s circulatory system and the brain.

MellingMedical to deliver CorneaGen tissue to federal health facilities

According to the companies, the agreement will open a channel between federal health facilities and CorneaGen's laboratories.

Biped unveils smart harness to help visually impaired people avoid obstacles while walking

January 14, 2022

According to the company, includes a comfortable and lightweight collar fitted with 3d cameras that continuously monitor a 170° field of view for the user detecting, tracking and predicting the trajectories of all surrounding elements a few seconds in advance.