Lynda Charters


Repository corticotropin injections: Relief for refractory severe noninfectious keratitis

Joseph Grieco, PhD, notes that treatment fills a gap for patients who are unresponsive to the standard treatments for noninfectious keratitis.

Eliminating the potential land mines in glaucoma surgery

Ophthalmologist details his preferred technique to avoid complications during procedure.

Diabetes and DR: Progress in the global epidemic

According to Lloyd Paul Aiello, MD, PhD, a key hurdle for diabetic retinopathy is the lack of patient awareness, which is a substantial contributor to non-adherence to eye care guidelines and poor outcomes.

Expansion study examines safety, efficacy of subretinal gene therapy for X-linked RP

May 05, 2021

During a presentation at the ARVO 2021 virtual annual meeting, Paul Yang, MD, PhD, explained that in a clinical trial, investigators used an adeno-associated viral vector to deliver a normal functioning copy of the RPGR gene via subretinal injection.