Author | Lynda Charters


Robotics: Allowing surgeons to perform the seemingly impossible

Robotic-assisted procedures are proving more precise in every way when compared with manual procedures: automated assistance controls tremor, reduces fatigue, and helps avoid inadvertent injury.

Eliminating risk of endophthalmitis during intravitreal injections for patients wearing masks

Investigators from Tel Aviv, Israel, cautioned this week that patients who wear face masks during the administration of intravitreal injections could be at a higher risk for the development of endophthalmitis.

COVID-19: UK studies find gastrointestinal symptoms common in children

Gastrointestinal symptoms are common in children infected with SARS-CoV-2 and should trigger tests for the virus, according to investigators. This research comes after investigators earlier this month released results of a study of COVID-19 ocular manifestations in children in China.

FAF shedding light on patterns related to disease chronicity in CSC

September 17, 2020

Study designed to identify patterns in abnormalities and differences characteristic of disease.