Lynda Charters


Five new aqueous humor biomarkers of POAG progression are identified

Investigators find the recognition could improve surveillance of the disease.

Dry eye disease associated with Sjögren’s syndrome: Cost of treatment a factor

In a paper, investigators identified strategies used by patients to reduce the cost of therapy and its impact on adherence to treatment Patients may be reluctant to disclose challenges regarding adherence to dry eye disease therapy, as well as fears of worsening quality of life.

Corneal confocal microscopy: A valuable tool to assess effects of treatments on diabetic neuropathy

Investigators note that the capacity to visualize corneal nerves of the sub-basal plexus and stroma in real time and without requiring use of contrast agents allows for longitudinal studies that can track nerve density and arborization in the same subjects over time.

Pilot study examines spectacle lenses to control myopia

May 03, 2022

In a poster presented at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology’s 2022 annual meeting in Denver, Eva Chamorro, PhD, MSc, points out that myopia control spectacle lenses affect the diurnal rhythms in the AL in young adult human and produced a small short-term increase in the AL that varies in intensity and time interval for each of the 3 studied lenses.