Artificial DMEK could help tackle endothelial donor tissue shortage

New acrylic implant provides option for patients with endothelial dysfunction.

Mitomycin C increases corneal haze after corneal crosslinking

Shady Awwad, MD, discusses how the application of mitomycin C after corneal crosslinking does not prevent development of corneal haze after the procedure and actually contributes to development of more corneal haze.

Corneal neurotization is effective for restoring sensory innervation

Procedure transfers intact donor nerve fibers to the cornea.

Deep learning for detection of keratoconus and prediction of CXL efficacy

September 24, 2021

A study sought to implement and test a trained deep learning algorithm using pre-operative corneal topography scans in order to classify between keratoconus and normal corneas, stage the disease, and predict whether a patient will be likely to benefit from CXL treatment.