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Ophthalmology Times is a physician-driven media brand that presents cutting-edge advancements and analysis from around the world in surgery, clinical diagnosis, therapeutics, device technology, imaging, and gene therapy to elevate the delivery of progressive eye health from physician to patient. Ophthalmology Times’ vision is to be the leading content resource for ophthalmologists. Through its multifaceted content channels, Ophthalmology Times will assist physicians with the tools and knowledge necessary to provide advanced quality patient care in the global world of medicine.

Ophthalmology Times is the leading publication providing print and digital content presenting the latest cutting-edge advancements in surgery, drug therapy, imaging, device technology, clinical diagnosis and cell & gene therapy and ophthalmology news, articles and events. Our information is disseminated in a timely and accurate manner for members of the ophthalmic community. Our goal is to elevate eye health from doctor to patient. Ophthalmology Times strives to achieve mutual success by being a forum for the ophthalmic community to communicate clinical knowledge, insights and discoveries; provide management information that allows ophthalmologists to improve and expand their practices, and addressing political and socio-economic issues as they affect this community.

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