Advancement in TED treatment is a bright spot

FDA approval of teprotumumab as therapeutic offers hope for patients.

Comparable conscious sedation methods address individual patient needs

Sublingual troche sedation represents attractive anesthesia option for specific subset of patients with cataracts.

Investigators uncover health care disparities among US patients

Study highlights role of demographic and socioeconomic characteristics in treatment.

(AAO) Genentech provides update on presentations, product portfolio

November 13, 2020

Chris Brittain, MBBS, BSc, MBA, MRCOphth, vice president and global head of ophthalmology product development for Genentech, provides an overview of the company’s podium presentations from the PDS with ranibizumab to faricimab.

Glaucoma 360: Drug delivery contact lens technology

July 17, 2020

ICYMI: Chris Adams, CEO of Diopter Corp, discusses the company's drug delivery contact lens technology in the pipeline that works to treat ocular surface disease, during the 2020 Glaucoma 360 meeting in San Francisco, California.