Study: Eyes may become windows into aging process

The difference between retina’s biological age and person’s real age linked to heightened death risk, with a team of Australian investigators finding that evidence suggests the microvasculature in the retina may be a reliable indicator of the overall health of the body’s circulatory system and the brain.

Foundation Fighting Blindness names Jason Menzo president, COO

Since joining the foundation in 2018, Menzo has been involved in the formation of the Retinal Degeneration Fund, the venture arm of Foundation Fighting Blindness.

Investigators find dried goji berries may provide protection against AMD

A University of California Davis study shows that small serving of the fruit increased protective pigments in the eye.

High-tech sleeping bag could solve vision issues in space

December 29, 2021

For 72 straight hours, the study volunteer lay in a bed at UT Southwestern, the monotony broken only at night when researchers placed his lower body in a sealed, vacuum-equipped sleeping bag to pull down body fluids that naturally flowed into his head while supine.