Visus Therapeutics CEO announces acquisition of ViewPoint Therapeutics to expand on cataract, presbyopia candidate

Ben Bergo, CEO of Visus Therapeutics, announced the acquisition of all patents and other assets of ViewPoint Therapeutics, which will accelerate development of novel alpha-crystallin chaperone compounds as a non-surgical treatment for age-related cataracts.

EP. 2: EyeCon 2022: Location, location, location and bring the family

The destination of Marco Island, Florida not only serves as an excellent backdrop for this year's Ophthalmology Times® EyeCon 2022 but also provides a unique opportunity for family members to see their ophthalmic loved ones in a professional light.

EP. 1: EyeCon 2022: Nothing is better than in-person conferences

Co-chairs Peter J. McDonnell, MD, director of the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, and Oluwatosin U. Smith, MD, of Glaucoma Associates of Texas in Dallas break down the top reasons to attend this year's Ophthalmology Times® EyeCon 2022 in a series of video segments.

Pearls for optimizing femtosecond laser phacofragmentation patterns

September 17, 2022

Cataract density and the fragmentation pattern the surgeon uses may influence the amount of ultrasound energy used for phacoemulsification and EPT.

New York ophthalmologists provide eye care in Haiti

August 12, 2022

Anika Michael, MD, and Benjeil Edghill, MD, both ophthalmology specialists from AdvantageCare Physicians New York City, traveled to Haiti in July on a medical mission of mercy, where they evaluated and treated more than 400 patients and completed approximately 90 surgeries.

Emanuel: Educating patients diagnosed with cataracts is key for physicians

August 05, 2022

Matthew Emanuel, MD, of Glaucoma Associates of Texas, discusses some of the current trends in cataract surgery. He notes it is something that everyone deals with as they get older. It also can be an issue for pediatric patients. Emanuel also notes that it is important for physicians to be able to educate their patients on the disease.