EP. 1: EyeCon 2022: Nothing is better than in-person conferences

Co-chairs Peter J. McDonnell, MD, director of the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, and Oluwatosin U. Smith, MD, of Glaucoma Associates of Texas in Dallas break down the top reasons to attend this year's Ophthalmology Times® EyeCon 2022 in a series of video segments.

EyeCon 2022: Keeping updates in cataract and refractive surgery in focus

Elizabeth Yeu, MD, will highlight pearls for managing intraocular lenses in difficult cases.

Cataract predictability: Screen and treat unstable tear film in weeks

With a few key steps, surgeons can avert potential refractive surprises, and reduce postoperative dry eye for patients.

Children’s mental health and the impact of vision impairment

August 02, 2022

Two studies conducted in collaboration with Orbis International explore how providing free glasses to children improves their ability to learn in school and that addressing visual impairment in children can alleviate depression and anxiety.