The National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health at Prevent Blindness forges Children’s Vision Equity Alliance

The Children’s Vision Equity Alliance was created to improve acces in children’s vision and eye health, working to advance equity in children’s vision and eye health through education, access, policies, and partnerships.

Study finds optic nerve pallor prevalent in ZIKA virus patients

Denise Freitas, MD, reports on ocular findings in infants with congenital Zika virus syndrome that were similar among the affected infants and occurred frequently.

Corneal neurotization is effective for restoring sensory innervation

Procedure transfers intact donor nerve fibers to the cornea.

ROP: Treating and preventing blindness in preterm babies

October 18, 2021

Retinopathy of prematurity expert C. Armitage Harper, III, MD, of the Austin Retina Associates in Austin, Texas, discusses his experience in treating ROP cases across the globe, and his mission to prevent pre-term blindness in infants.