Emily Kaiser


What the impact of 44-week aflibercept data may mean in a real-world setting

David Brown, MD, highlights his ASRS poster that includes 44-week data for a four-times-higher dose of aflibercept in a real-world setting.

VIEW 1 and VIEW 2 studies: taking a deeper dive

Rahul Khurana, MD, shares a preview of his ASRS poster based on an analysis of the second year of the VIEW 1 and VIEW 2 studies comparing aflibercept and ranibizumab treatment arms.

Study: Using OCT Doppler to measure retinal blood flow biomarkers

The study assess retinal blood biomarkers using a new prototype OCT, aiming to measure retinal biomarkers such as blood flow volume, average velocity, and vessel diameter with a new prototype.

GA therapy endpoints: Should tissue preservation be considered?

May 27, 2022

As novel therapies in the pipeline are aiming to decrease the rate of GA expansion—the endpoint Karl Csaky, MD and Fredrick Ferris III, MD, identified in 2007—Dr. Csaky reinforces on the importance of preserving the central retinal tissue.