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Commercial real estate and your practice, part two with Colin Carr

On this part two episode with Colin Carr, founder and CEO of CARR, we hear more about commercial real estate dos and don'ts when managing the space of your practice. Tune in now for the Q&A with Ophthalmology Times® executive editor, David Hutton.

Tips, tricks, what to dos and what not to dos on how you can save money as a healthcare provider on your commercial real estate (Part 1)

Colin Carr, founder and CEO of CARR, chats with Ophthalmology Times' David Hutton in this part one episode of the EyePod. Carr hits on some hot real estate topics in the healthcare industry, including top mistakes healthcare providers make with their office space, how to decide whether you're going to purchase or lease, and how healthcare providers can save $100k or more on their next lease renewal.

Uveitis, flare ups and challenges in clinical trials

In this episode of EyePod, Ora Clinical’s Keith Lane discusses uveitis and flare ups, including challenges in clinical trials.

The changing landscape of gene therapy and standardized endpoints

February 23, 2022

In this episode of EyePod, Ora Clinical’s Keith Lane offers a brief overview of the current state of ophthalmology and its standardized endpoints. He also discusses some of the challenges that gene therapy has faced, particularly in relation to ophthalmology. He also offers his outlook for the future of gene therapy.

ROP: Treating and preventing blindness in preterm babies

October 18, 2021

Retinopathy of prematurity expert C. Armitage Harper, III, MD, of the Austin Retina Associates in Austin, Texas, discusses his experience in treating ROP cases across the globe, and his mission to prevent pre-term blindness in infants.

Reflecting on life during a pandemnic

June 14, 2021

Thomas Brunner, president & CEO, Glaucoma Research Foundation, San Francisco, CA, shares his thoughts on how living through a pandemic has influenced and altered his perspective on life — both personally and professionally — for the better.