Dry Eye Awareness

Exploring the Management of Dry Eye

A panel of ophthalmologists and optometrists discuss the significance of addressing dry eye disease using various types of treatment strategies, including pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic options.

FDA approves IPL device to manage dry eye disease

After receiving FDA approval for its IPL device, Lumenis Ltd. announced that it is launching OptiLight, a bright solution for dry eyes.

Investigators receive $10.15 million grant to develop antibody-based dry eye treatment

With funding from the National Eye Institute, the team of researchers will focus on developing a broad-spectrum immunomodulatory eye drop for patients dealing with dry eye and ocular surface disease stemming from inflammatory and immune system disorders.

COVID-19: Masking the issue of dry eye

September 02, 2020

Wearing a face mask can help slow the spread of COVID-19, and may also lead to a spike in cases of dry eye. The Centre for Ocular Research and Education at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, is advising eye care professionals on how to recognize and mitigate mask-associated dry eye.