Cataract Therapeutics

Examining ocular allergy, quality of life

Surveyed patients express dissatisfaction with efficacy of eye drops.

Research: Similar endophthalmitis rates for generic, branded topical antibiotics

A number of options may offer major cost savings, positive results for patients.

Combined MIGS & Cataract Surgery Case Study with Dr. Paul Singh

Dr. Paul Singh manages postoperative inflammation and pain with LOTEMAX® SM following combined MIGS & Cataract surgery. Interested in learning more?

Minimizing inflammation post-cataract surgery

September 01, 2020

Large randomized trial compares efficacy and safety of multiple regimens

Novel dexamethasone formulation shows efficacy and safety with once-daily use

September 01, 2020

A vehicle-controlled phase 2 study investigating once- and twice-daily administration of a novel, preservative-free topical formulation of dexamethasone as treatment for pain and inflammation after cataract surgery met its primary endpoints.