Linking patient imaging data to AAO IRIS Registry

Michael Mbagwu, MD, speaks on the highlights of his virtual 2021 ARVO presentation regarding the development of an algorithm tool that links patient imaging to their clinical data, specifically within the AAO IRIS Registry.

Clinical results study dexamethasone implant effect on macular thickness

Daniel F. Kiernan, MD, discusses key findings of a clinical study analyzing the effect of dexamethasone intracameral drug-delivery suspension on macular thickness based on OCT testing following vitreoretinal surgery.

Targeting neurodegenerative diseases with risuteganib

Glenn J. Jaffe, MD, discusses the key points of his virtual presentation on targeting neurodegenerative diseases with risuteganib, minimizing damage to the retina when compromised, and the need for newer treatment therapies to target different pathways.