Questionnaire assesses vision in pediatric eye cases

September 12, 2019

Researchers hope questionnaire will lead to a world where patient-reported outcome measures are commonly used in pediatric eye care, not just for research but also in clinical practice.

PEDIG focusing on binocular activities for amblyopia

May 21, 2019

Group provides update on possible role of computer game rather than patching, eye drops

Managing unique challenges of pediatric congenital cataract

April 17, 2019

Microinstrumentation provides surgeons increased control

It takes a village: Vision screening success through collaboration

November 06, 2018

One pediatric ophthalmologist has spent 30 years educating the Louisiana community’s stakeholders about the importance of vision screening for young children.

Rebound tonometry useful tool to measure IOP in children

October 22, 2018

Device is noninvasive, nonthreatening; does not require topical or general anesthesia

Low dose atropine may slow myopia progression in certain children

October 22, 2018

Level of evidence is decent, but may not be applicable to all racial, ethnic groups

Optic atrophy in children: Taking aim at possible hereditary atrophies

October 22, 2018

Screening recipes should ease the diagnostic burden in this patient population