OT Staff Reports


Clearside Biomedical's axitinib injectable suspension phase 1/2a trial enrolls first patients

Delivery into the suprachoroidal space may potentially extend the duration of therapeutic action and reduce or relieve the treatment burden for wet AMD.

(AAO) Study outlines use of injectable intraocular steroid over drops

Robert Weinstock, MD, presents data from a retrospective multicenter study focusing on the efficacy of dexamethasone intraocular suspension 9% delivered at the time of cataract surgery.

(AAO) Preventing cystoid macular oedema after cataract surgery

Rudy Nuijts of the University Eye Clinic Maastricht, the Netherlands, discusses the highlights of his AAO 2020 presentation on a combination treatment regimen for lowering the incidence of cystoid macular oedema following category surgery.