Cataract Surgery

Prescribing fewer drops can lead to an improved patient experience

The cataract surgery process continues to become more refined.

Cataract classification method allows for higher success rates of cataract surgery

Alex Dastgheib, MD, ABO, discusses the findings of the paper, "325 Cases of Phacoemulsification in Blind Cataracts," presented at the 2022 ASCRS conference in Washington, DC. The paper won the Challenging Cases session during the meeting.

Study: Accurate refractive predictions remain difficult in patients with keratoconus

Newer generation formulas generally outperformed older generation formulas, with SRK/T performing the best of older formulas, especially when using TK values.

Study: IOL calculation remains challenging in PKP eyes

May 04, 2022

The study assesses and compares the accuracy of IOL formulas using keratometry (K) and total keratometry (TK) values obtained by a swept-source OCT biometer (IOL Master 700) in eyes with previous PKP prior to cataract surgery.