Steve Lenier



Assessing the severity of Fuchs’ endothelial corneal dystrophy by using Scheimpflug tomography

Investigators sought to develop a severity scale for tomographic edema in FECD based on Scheimpflug tomography maps, and to evaluate intra- and inter-observer variation for assessing severity.

Corneal mechanical sensitivity in individuals with chronic pain

A cross sectional study investigated how chronic pain conditions outside of the eye impact corneal sensitivity.

Deep learning for detection of keratoconus and prediction of CXL efficacy

A study sought to implement and test a trained deep learning algorithm using pre-operative corneal topography scans in order to classify between keratoconus and normal corneas, stage the disease, and predict whether a patient will be likely to benefit from CXL treatment.

Considering keratoconus-like changes after DMEK in Fuchs' dystrophy

September 20, 2021

A retrospective review was performed to describe changes in corneal thickness and to identify the incidence of posterior corneal changes characteristic of keratoconus, following DMEK surgery. Here’s what investigators found.