Author | Alex Delaney-Gesing


Glaucoma 360: Accessible glaucoma care in 1 second (BELKIN Laser)

July 12, 2020


Daria Lemann Blumenthal, CEO of BELKIN Laser, Ltd., discusses the company's current initiative of developing an automated one-second laser therapy for glaucoma called direct selective laser trabeculoplasty (DSLT).

Glaucoma 360: Apps for the visually challenged

July 09, 2020


ICYMI: Yvonne Ou, MD, discusses her presentation on "Apps for the visually challenged," during the 2020 Glaucoma 360 annual meeting in San Francisco, California.

Glaucoma 360: Risk factors for glaucoma progression

July 07, 2020


Dale Heuer, MD discusses the importance of ophthalmologists identifying and providing more aggressive treatment care for patients with low/high risks of developing glaucoma.

Glaucoma 360: Decision-making in surgical glaucoma

June 30, 2020


ICYMI: Thomas Samuelson, MD,shares the key highlights from his presentation "Stents, trabs, and tubes: Decision-making in surgical glaucoma."