Rahul S. Tonk, MD, MBA


Eye Care Products in the Pipeline for Dry Eye Disease

Unique clinical trials and novel products of interest currently under investigation for the treatment of dry eye disease.

Alcina Lidder, MD


Blog: TAGS trial and real life applications

Joseph Panarelli, MD, and Arsham Sheybani, MD, discuss the Primary Trabeculectomy for Advanced Glaucoma: Pragmatic Multicentre Randomized Controlled Trial, or TAGS trial, and how this can apply to real world situation. This multicenter randomized controlled trial evaluated whether primary trabeculectomy or primary medical treatment leads to improved outcomes in terms of quality of life, clinical effectiveness, and safety.

David J. Calkins, PhD
David J. Calkins, PhD


Restoring vision in glaucoma: more than meets the eye

New strategies are needed to rethink how we treat glaucoma to do more than just manage eye pressure—to actually restore vision by promoting the survival of retinal ganglion cells and their axons.

Maximilian J. Gerhardt, MD


Will experience support use of first-ever retinal gene therapy?

Recent reports of retinal atrophy have raised concerns on potential long-term safety.

Steven H. Dewey, MD


Seven pearls for a more stable chamber

Staying current on phaco technology can help surgeons provide better outcomes.

Brett H. Mueller, II, DO, PhD


Very high–frequency ultrasound improves ICL sizing precision

Advancements in imaging make ICL an effective option for a wider range of patients.

Martin Harp


CDC gives update on VIM-GES-CRPA outbreak associated with artificial tears

There have been 8 reported patients with vision loss as well as 4 reports of enucleation, or surgical removal of eyeball.

Glaucoma Research Foundation


Glaucoma + nutrition: why what you eat matters

There’s no shortage of diet programs—Paleo, Mediterranean, intermittent fasting—all claiming to be the best option for a healthy life. Research has shown that poor lifestyle choices, including unhealthy diets, contribute to many diseases and that simply adhering to good nutrition can even prevent some health issues.

Tyson Brunstetter, OD, PhD


Investigators research ocular health after space flight

Spaceflight-associated neuro-ocular syndrome a potential challenge during long missions.

Theodore Leng, MD, MS


Natural language processing pairs with big data curation

Knowledge of tools used in data interpretation helps clinicians trust accuracy of findings.

Chao Charoenkijkajorn, MD


Froin syndrome: Eyes are the window to the spine

Papilledema with back pain suggests spine lesion.

Todd Haedrich


Technology, people key to improving health outcomes, driving revenue

Solutions should address staffing shortages and burnout.

Cédric Schweitzer, MD, PhD, FEBO


Research: Femtosecond lasers challenge phacoemulsification

The FEMCAT study found that FLACS is not superior to conventional approach

Jason Metha


Emerging opportunities — and risks — with telehealth in a pandemic

Despite current flexibility, future enforcement could prove to be troublesome

Thomas V. Johnson III, MD, PhD


Restoring vision through RGC repopulation—what needs to happen?

Despite its promise, RGC replacement represents a more formidable challenge.

Antonino Cuttitta, MD


Examining stability of aspheric IOL in cataract patients

Bi-sign design compensates for aberrations resulting from misalignment.

Ira Udell, MD


The sky is the limit for allergy pipeline

Growing patient pool is driving clinical trial investment.

Peg Achenbach, OD, FAAO


EnVision Summit 2023: Creating the perfect environment

Multiple attendees of this year's EnVision Summit share insights into what makes the EnVision Summit an enjoyable experience and a great place to learn.

John A. Hovanesian, MD


Removing burden of adherence, opioids from patients

To control pain and inflammation most effectively and responsibly for our cataract surgery patients, we must not only use the appropriate drugs but also ensure they are delivered in the most beneficial manner. We should be mindful of the implications of our pharmaceutical strategies and their impact on our patients.

Olivia J. Killeen, MD


Anterior segment ischemia following three-muscle strabismus surgery

Case of anterior segment ischemia involves young adult with prior carotid artery injury.

Carolyn Majcher, OD, FAAO


DR/DME: Ongoing Clinical Trials and New Diagnostic Tools

Carolyn Majcher, OD, FAAO, and Rishi Singh, MD, discuss new and upcoming clinical trials, investigational therapies, and diagnostic tools for the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema (DR/DME).

S. Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO


International Keratoconus Academy continues to provide cutting-edge education

Over the years, IKA has become an invaluable resource for eye care professionals.

Ehsan Sadri, MD, FACS


Impressions and take away points from Patient Case #2

Ehsan Sadri, MD FACS, A minimally invasive glaucoma surgery specialist discusses impressions and key take away points from patient case.

Matthew Roe, MD, MHS


Big data drives opportunity for real-world evidence

Evidence-based medicine can lead to personalized care, better results for patients

Dain B. Brooks, MD


Surgical options for normalizing neuroadaptation in patients

Technical details, communication style key to presbyopia-correcting IOL journey.

W. Lloyd Clark, MD



Considerations in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema.

Grazia Pertile, MD


Retinal detachments: managing retinal folds, role of anterior vitreous

Grazia Pertile, MD, discusses the highlights of her presentations on the management of retinal folds after retinal detachment and the role of the anterior vitreous as a cause of recurrent retinal detachment.

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