Joshua Ong


Investigators research ocular health after space flight

Spaceflight-associated neuro-ocular syndrome a potential challenge during long missions.

Mary Elizabeth Hartnett, MD, FACS, FARVO


Exploring four decades of change in retina

Advances in treatment and surgical techniques have transformed patient care.

Jamie Odden, MD, MPH


Intravitreal injections and endophthalmitis: Does lidocaine gel change the risk of the infection?

This research was a finalist in the 2020 Ophthalmology Times® Research Scholar Honoree Program.

David A. Goldman, MD


Ultra-widefield imaging can enhance efficiency for practices

Physicians can discover, diagnose, document, treat diseases that might go undetected

David Peterson


Digital patient engagement tackles the labor crisis, improves the patient experience

For health care workers, the pandemic has led to increased burnout, concerns about workplace safety, and staffing shortages that threaten not only patient care but also the entire provider ecosystem.

Richard Teofilo Atallah


New molecule for allergic conjunctivitis makes debut

First new therapy in nearly a decade offers another option for physicians, patients

Anna N. Stulova, MD


Early visual functions deficiency and OCT-A changes at the preclinical stage of diabetic retinopathy

Future investigations will assess findings, evaluate their prognostic value.

J. Colton Hill, MPH


Retrospective cohort study looks at adverse intraoperative and postoperative events following cataract surgery for patients with prior intravitreal injections and incisional retinal procedures

The project, presented by Colton Hill, MPH, on behalf of the Dean McGee Eye Institute, looks at complication rates during cataract surgery or after cataract surgery for patients with prior intravitreal injections or incisional retinal procedures.

Jay Pepose, MD, PhD


Small-aperture single-piece IOL could fill unmet need in patients

Optics block out-of-focus and stray light, allow continuum of vision.

Milton M. Hom, OD, FAAO


Eye Care Products in the Pipeline for Dry Eye Disease

Unique clinical trials and novel products of interest currently under investigation for the treatment of dry eye disease.

Jorge Calzada, MD


Augmented reality offers enhanced visualization and improved ergonomics

Physicians can use navigational tools to attain a much more immersive perspective.

Raj P. Patel, BSc


New software program improves biometry measurements obtained by OLCR biometer

Lens thickness and anterior chamber duct values obtained by Lenstar can be improved by SpikeFinder to reduce errors in measurements.

Sami Younes, BS


Froin syndrome: Eyes are the window to the spine

Papilledema with back pain suggests spine lesion.

Kat Hendrix, PhD


MUSC dedicated surgical eye center helps manage complex cataract cases

Having a comprehensive team of ophthalmic specialists in place means patients could have multiple issues treated in a single procedure that might require two surgeries otherwise.

Sibylle Scholtz, PhD


Evolution of optical coherence tomography of the human eye

Adolf Fercher's 2D image of fundus paved way for today’s imaging technique.

Ainhoa Molina-Martín, PhD


The relationship between myopia and conjunctival-scleral geometry

Nasotemporal sagittal height asymmetry a good biomarker of shortsightednes.

Steven Silverstein, MD


Intracanalicular insert linked to reduced hyperemia and itching

As dexamethasone adds indications, a study confirms efficacy of punctal occlusion for allergic conjunctivitis.

Terri-Diann Pickering, MD


EDITORIAL: Déjà vu all over again

When it comes to the sexes in the operating room, the key is collaboration, with a goal of presenting patient suffering.

Lisa Stewart, PhD


Dietary supplement can improve measurable visual outcomes

Higher levels of 3 macular pigments minimize risk of age-related disease.

Jennifer I. Lim, Md, FARVO, FASRS


Considerations for the Future of Biosimilars in the Treatment of Retinal Disorders

Carl D. Regillo, MD, and Jennifer I. Lim, MD, emphasize the high regulatory standards of equivalence and safety of biosimilars in considering the role they will play in the evolving treatment landscape for retinal disorders.

Jesse Richman, MD


Combination drops may help patients challenged by multiple glaucoma meds

Drops can simplify dosing, improving adherence and ocular surface health

Nicole Fram, MD


Not enough corneas: Fact or fiction?

According to Nicole Fram, MD, around the world, corneal specialists are making the most of limited resources.

Charles Wykoff, MD, PHD


Unmet Needs and the Future of Wet AMD Care

Expert panelists provide an overview of current unmet needs in wet AMD care and discuss the potential for improving clinical outcomes and treatment burden.

Ashley Behrens, MD


Looking to the future of cataract surgery

In recognition of Cataract Awareness Month.

Akash Maheshwari, MBA


Being an ophthalmologist on an airplane: Tips in the event of a medical emergency during a flight

Andrew G. Lee, MD, has had direct experience as being an in-flight physician over 15 times on international and domestic flights and answers some of the most frequently asked questions about being the doctor on the plane.

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