Refractive Surgery Council


Laser vision correction procedures soar in wake of COVID-19

According to the Refractive Surgery Council, patients continue to have a high level of interest in laser vision correction procedures.

Mackenzie Andrews


Blog: A call to stop discarding eye medications after a single use or before expiration date

In a blog, Mackenzie Andrews, the CCO and a co-founder of Nanodropper, discusses the need to update policies on single-use and early disposal of eyedrops.

Audrey Talley Rostov, MD


Keratoconus management: Lessons learned from an unusual time

Timely access to effective diagnosis and cross-linking is key to positive outcomes

C. Randall Harrell, MD


Bringing biologics to eye health

Ophthalmologists, optometrists gain nonpharmacological treatment options for some of the eye’s most complex issues, providing better outcomes.

Gangolf Sauder, MD
Gangolf Sauder, MD


Throwing everything away ... except the patient and the surgeon

Single-use cataract surgery comes with several safety and quality attributes.

Maximilian K. Köppe, MD


Artificial DMEK could help tackle endothelial donor tissue shortage

New acrylic implant provides option for patients with endothelial dysfunction.

Vikram Paranjpe MD, MPH


BLOG: The PTVT Trial and Clinical Applications

Joseph F. Panarelli MD, Steven J. Gedde, MD, and Vikram Paranjpe MD, MPH discuss the Primary Tube Versus Trabeculectomy (PTVT) study.

Lisa M. Nijm, MD, JD​


Rethinking dry eye disease with acute steroid treatment

According to Lisa Nijm, MD, JD, patients can benefit from short-term, on-label treatment with a novel loteprednol formulation

Elizabeth Fortin, MD


VLOG: Unilateral isolated paucisymptomatic optic disc edema - what is that?

On this week's episode of the NeuroOp Guru video blog, Andy Lee, MD, and Elizabeth Fortin, MD, discuss unilateral isolated paucisymptomatic optic disc edema and what exactly it is.

Darren Gregory, MD


Special Report: Stevens-Johnson syndrome

Severe ocular involvement demands inflammation control

Zaiba Malik, MD


BLOG: Networking goes beyond a simple handshake

Effective networking involves developing relationships with other people, sharing relevant information and resources, and providing mutual support and encouragement on the path to reaching your goals.

Jason R. Chin, OD, FAAO


Increasing your practice’s reach, relevance, and revenue with clinical trials

Working as an investigator can prove to be a positive experience for physicians

Sophie J. Bakri, MD


Unmet Needs and the Future of Wet AMD Care

Expert panelists provide an overview of current unmet needs in wet AMD care and discuss the potential for improving clinical outcomes and treatment burden.

Imane Tarib, MD


Why attend Real World Ophthalmology? A young ophthalmologist's perspective

In those first few months, I realized there were so many aspects of real-life, post-residency practice we had never been taught during medical school or residency.

Patti Barkey, COE, OCS


Pass-through provides vehicle to drive innovation

As more novel ophthalmic drugs and devices become available under the CMS “pass-through”designation, practices should be proactive in embracing these products.

Nathan Congdon


Children’s mental health and the impact of vision impairment

Two studies conducted in collaboration with Orbis International explore how providing free glasses to children improves their ability to learn in school and that addressing visual impairment in children can alleviate depression and anxiety.

Anoud Al Saati, MD


Posterior corneal elevation: Is there a role for premium IOLs?

Trifocal IOLs can, if implanted with caution, be suitable for patients with keratoconus.

Arla Genstler, MD


Cryopreserved amniotic membrane an option treatment of mechanical dry eye

Reservoir restoration can re establish the normal anatomy and function of the conjunctiva.

Richard D. Najac, MD, FACS


New molecule for allergic conjunctivitis makes debut

First new therapy in nearly a decade offers another option for physicians, patients

William Segal, MD


Good nutrition optimizes ocular surface in premium cataract patients

Improvements gained prior to surgery can result in positive outcomes.

Junsang Cho, BA


Froin syndrome: Eyes are the window to the spine

Papilledema with back pain suggests spine lesion.

Ian C. Han, MD


Blog: In honor of those who lift us

It’s been a minute, as the Baltimorean’s say, but I still remember my first day of residency. I knew next to nothing about ophthalmology but showed up smiling and eager to learn. I felt incredibly fortunate to be training at such a prestigious institution. I was awed by the distinguished faculty, and my co-residents couldn’t be any more impressive. In short, I wasn’t sure I belonged.

Ethan Pritikin


More to keratoconus than meets the cornea: Be sure to flip the lids

Equally important is that any symptoms of ocular allergies should be addressed to reduce the frequency of eye rubbing.

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