Belkin Laser changes corporate name to Belkin Vision


The company, formerly called BELKIN Laser, announced Thursday that it will begin operating under the new name BELKIN Vision.

BELKIN Vision, an Israeli-based medical device company, announced Thursday that the company will begin operating under the new name BELKIN Vision.

This corporate name change was determined as part of a strategic decision to better reflect the company's future plans, according to CEO/co-founder Daria Lemann Blumenthal.

Established in 2013, BELKIN was launched from with the goal of providing accessible glaucoma laser treatment to patients with the same ease as prescribing eye drops.

The company is working to develop technology centered around a transscleral approach to provide an automated laser treatment completed in one second.

The simplicity of the idea would allow the laser treatment to be administered by all eye care providers making first-line glaucoma treatment available for every patient worldwide, according to the company's website.

"We always imagined (starting the company) would transport us to the stage we're at today. Now, on the cusp of commercialization, we anticipate a multitude of exciting future applications and wanted to ensure that our company name aligned with that vision," Lemann Blumentha said, in a statement.