What keeps ophthalmologists up at night: Part IV

Ophthalmologists share the most pressing issues on their mind within the glaucoma space — and why losing sleep from time to time may actually be a good thing.

Drainage device offers IOP lowering capabilities at 1 year

A supraciliary minimally invasive glaucoma procedure may offer a valuable bleb-free treatment option for patients with glaucoma that requires low target pressures.

A menu of glaucoma treatments includes options to fit all scenarios

Physician presents pearls for effective use, leading to positive outcomes for patients.

The latest updates in cyclophotocoagulation

February 13, 2021

Shan C. Lin, MD, co-research director, Glaucoma Center of San Francisco, speaks on the highlights from his presentation on the latest in the three forms of cyclophotocoagulation commonly used by clinicians.

Intersection of glaucoma and retina at the pars plana

February 11, 2021

J. Michael Jumper, MD, a retinal specialist at West Coast Retina (San Francisco, CA), discusses the highlights of his Glaucoma 360 presentation analyzing the impact and lasting effects of intraocular injections and retinal diseases in creating glaucoma as well as the evolving collaboration between retinal and glaucoma specialists.

Managing secondary glaucoma due to intravitreal steroids

February 09, 2021

L. Jay Katz, MD, of the Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, discusses the highlights of his Glaucoma 360 presentation on secondary glaucoma due to intravitreal steroids, and what ophthalmologists can do to minimize the risk of severe visual impairment in patients.