Kassi Jackson


Vlog: Eye stroke evaluations have changed positively, reducing inappropriate outpatient or incomplete workups

On this week's episode of the NeuroOp Guru, Andy Lee, MD, and Elizabeth Fortin, MD, discuss the current status of eye stroke evaluations for CRAO.

Safety data for at-home subcutaneous injection option for treatment of wet AMD, DME

Jeff Cleland, PhD, CEO of Ashvattha, discusses safety data for an at-home subcutaneous injection option being developed for wet AMD and DME. The anti-VEGF candidate will enter a Phase 2 study later this year.

Understanding the biological causes and cell types that lead to one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness worldwide could benefit treatment in patients

Presented at ARVO 2022, research from Mass Eye and Ear hopes to open a new avenue for therapies that are for helping treat patients that develop primary open angle glaucoma.

Commercial real estate and your practice, part two with Colin Carr

May 21, 2022

On this part two episode with Colin Carr, founder and CEO of CARR, we hear more about commercial real estate dos and don'ts when managing the space of your practice. Tune in now for the Q&A with Ophthalmology Times® executive editor, David Hutton.