Health Law & Policy

Medicare pay cut delayed (again)

January 01, 2012

Legislators will try to sort out a fair compensation system for physicians after they staved off a scheduled 27.4% pay cut for those who treat Medicare patients.

Medicare cut looms

December 15, 2011

While physicians who treat Medicare patients are confronting a drastic pay cut Jan. 1, a number of legislators are scrambling, again, to block the scheduled reduction with a permanent solution.

Time is of the essence for Medicare fee fix

April 01, 2011

Organizations representing ophthalmologists and other physicians' groups are urging Congress to find a solution this year to the flawed payment formula that requires physicians to take a 29.5% pay cut in January 2012.

Quality reporting systems changing Medicare payment

March 15, 2011

Dramatic changes are coming to the way Medicare will pay physicians for their services, but savvy practices that voluntarily adopt the reporting procedures can financially benefit from incentives offered now.

Physicians get Medicare relief

January 01, 2011

After putting physicians on the brink of a massive pay cut 5 times during 2010, legislation has been passed that buys a year of stability while a better method is sought for paying those who treat Medicare patients.

Medicare cut looming

November 01, 2010

As the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services prepares to implement a 23.5% pay cut on Dec. 1, physicians who treat Medicare patients are pleading with Congres to intervene and considering their options.

Medicare pay cut delayed until Nov. 30

July 01, 2010

After enduring a week-long 21.2% pay cut, ophthalmologists and other physicians who see Medicare patients will receive a 2.2% pay increase, retroactive to June 1 through Nov. 30.

Medical groups do not support Medicare fix

June 01, 2010

As yet another deadline challenges Congress to avert a 21.3% pay cut to physicians who treat Medicare and Medicaid patients, groups representing the nation's physicians say they do not support a proposal that fails to change the formula behind the cut.

STAAR Surgical settles litigation

May 15, 2010

After years of wrangling in court with two former regional manufacturer's representatives, officials at STAAR Surgical Co. hope a $4 million settlement will allow it to move forward with new products and solidify its financial status.

Medicare physician pay cut stalled until June 1

May 15, 2010

The American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery are among 25 groups urging Congress to solve the Medicare physician payment problem.