Jolie Higazi

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How will ophthalmologists watch the eclipse?

Ophthalmologists all know how to safely watch an eclipse, but how will ophthalmologists around the country be participating in and observing the event?

What is the future of eye exams?

See what eye exams may be composed of in a few years.

Contacts lost in eye not such a rare thing-but 27?

Patients with a contact lens lost in the eye are not a rare occurrence for ophthalmologists. However, 27 lenses at the same time may be another story! Another ophthalmologist shares his experience with a case involving 5 lenses within a patient's eye.

What you missed at Glaucoma 360 this year

July 15, 2017

See the highlights and program overview from the Glaucoma Research Foundation's 2017 Glaucoma 360!