What everyone was tweeting about at ASCRS 2016

Here's a snapshot of what got attendees most excited at ASCRS 2016.

Abbott announces positive results from a pivotal #cataract IOL study https://t.co/dRkjFgzjMJ#ascrsasoa2016pic.twitter.com/LrUbJpvDLf

- Abbott (@AbbottNews) May 9, 2016

Abbott announced positive results from Tecnis Symfony IOL study



The company reported that the trial for the new IOL met its primary endpoints for improved near and intermediate vision.

Sponsored: 5 reasons toric IOLs are the most effective means to treat astigmatism

"Many people with cataracts are asking for an option that will help them perform near activities like reading, use their computers and tablets at intermediate distance, as well as see objects that are far away," said Jason Jones, MD, investigator on the study. "The data from this study showed that patients who received the Symfony lens were more likely to achieve improved intermediate and near vision, while maintaining similar distance vision compared with patients who received a standard IOL."    


Congrats on the #Tesla Dr. David Brear! #ascrsasoa2016pic.twitter.com/6abLzt9Pbt

- Kristen (@KHingenito) May 9, 2016

One surgeon left ASCRS with a MUCH nicer car than he had before

David R. Brear, MD, from Culpeper, VA won a Tesla Model S by entering into the ASCRS drawing. We don’t think he’ll mind that long drive home.


Great talk by @JohnBerdahl on the importance of CSF pressure in #glaucoma. Paradigm-changing #ascrsasoa2016pic.twitter.com/KgAoRmNgtD

- Dr Daya Sharma (@DrDayaSharma) May 9, 2016

What NASA astronauts can teach us about glaucoma

During his talk, ‘Dark Side of the Moon: Intracranial Pressure in Glaucoma’ John P. Berdahl, MD, explained how astronauts returning from space hold some key clues about glaucoma, which he called a two-pressure disease. To read more about his talk, click here.


And they're off! @ECLgroup#runforsight#ascrsasoa2016pic.twitter.com/wE5fEvTsO2

- Erin Masercola (@MasercolaWrites) May 8, 2016

Run for Sight raises money for the ASCRS Foundation

With 364 participants at the starting line at the 4th annual run in New Orleans, the ASCRS Foundation raised over $12,000, bringing their total from the past four years to $81,000.


Valeant Collaborating with Bausch + Lomb And IBM on an App for #cataract surgeons https://t.co/pATF8LcpFd#ascrsasoa2016#ophthalmology

- Ophthalmology Times (@OphthTimes) May 7, 2016

One of a kind cataract app coming soon

The collaborative app is meant to streamline the workflow of cataract surgeons. Pilot testing is expected to begin late 2016 and will be available on iPhones and iPads. Click here to learn more.


Cosmetic iris implants like NewColorIris & BrightOcular would *never* be approved in places w good regulation like US, UK or Australia

- Dr Daya Sharma (@DrDayaSharma) May 6, 2016

What is a different eye color worth?

Patients are travelling abroad to have procedures done, despite the lack of regulation and permanant consequences. It is the responsibility of the surgeon to fully explain the dangers to patients and encourage prompt removal. To read more, click here.


Thanks @OWLdiversity for the chance to moderate such a great panel! Malvina, Bonnie, Michael & Caren were awesome! pic.twitter.com/JIbzK7jh4S

- MichaelJohnson (@mjohnsp) May 7, 2016

OWL encourages diversity within the ophthalmic community

OWL panel members presented a talk on diversity, explaining their desire to reach out not only to women, but to ophthalmic profressionals with a wide range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.


We see you, @Cassydump! #PCviews#ascrsasoa2016#HappyMothersDaypic.twitter.com/JnX4RPt6KW

- Pascale (@PascaleCom) May 8, 2016

The developer of one booth had Mother’s Day in mind!


While some booths took advantage of the meeting occuring on Mother's Day by giving out roses to all the women, one booth allowed attendees to pose for a photo to celebrate the day.


Today at 5:15 p.m.: 34th ASCRS Film Festival Awards in Great Hall A&D: https://t.co/ZxmBxsDMBR#ascrsasoa2016pic.twitter.com/cdgM3ZtaFl

- ASCRS (@ASCRStweets) May 9, 2016

Did you catch the ASCRS Film Awards?

  Congrats to Shin Yamane, MD of Yokohama, Japan, the 2016 Grand Prize winner at the ASCRS Film Festival Awards! The video was titled: Transconjunctival Intrascleral IOL Fixation with Double-Needle Technique.


#Imprimis will launch new IV Free conscious sedation & a combination eye drop that includes #nepafenac this weekend! https://t.co/7PnrUQtr1P

- Imprimis Pharma (@ImprimisPharma) May 5, 2016

Alternative to IV anesthetic may be found in sublingual form


The patent-pending melt, containing midazolam, ketamine, and ondansetron (IV Free MKO Melt, Imprimis) allows for consistent dosing which is gaining in popularity due to its ease of administration. The company says this formulation, which eliminates the need for intravenous sedation medication, can reduce the need for additional staff to assist with the procedure.


Cataract Surgery Olympics Dr. Malyugin #ascrsasoa2016pic.twitter.com/0kZjWdztQN

- Rob Melendez,MD,MBA (@DrRobMelendez) May 8, 2016

Get ready for this summer with the ASCRS Cataract Surgery Olympics


In honor of the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Summer Olympics, the ASCRS committee orchestrated a 90-minute symposium on managing complicated cataract cases. Moderator David F. Chang, MD, said the event is a "must-see" in which surgeons from 14 countries present their best video teaching cases in rapid fire succession.

The four Olympic events are:

  • Cataract Pentathlon (best use of up to five surgical devices)

  • Cataract Marathon (most challenging and agonizaingly difficult case)

  • Cataract IOL Gymnastics (skill and creativity in managing IOL complications)

  • Freestyle Cataract Surgery (anything that doesn't fit into the previous categories)

Ophthalmologists have had mixed feelings about the timing of the Olympic Games and the Zika virus. Read more and join the conversation.



Dr Doyle Stulting is now presenting Binkhorst Lecture "Predicting and Treating Corneal #Ectasia" #ascrsasoa2016#cornea#refractive#surgery

- Dr Daya Sharma (@DrDayaSharma) May 7, 2016

- Dr Daya Sharma (@DrDayaSharma) May 7, 2016

Binkhorst Lecture focuses on efforts to treat keratoconus, ectasia


Dr. Stulting said the constant dilemma surgeons face is classifying corneal topography maps. "Even the best of us have a hard time judging these images," he said. "But why is our risk system failing today? RSB is increasing, but FFKC is decreasing. Corneal thickness is also decreasing. The mean patient age is decreasing. We're still operating on young patients and the elimination of other risk factors are making age a much more relevant factor."

To read more about his lecture, click here.


Don't miss the ever-popular "Pardon the Ophthalmology," starting today at 3 p.m. in Great Hall A&D: https://t.co/SVxkaTEHlD#ascrsasoa2016.

- ASCRS (@ASCRStweets) May 7, 2016

“Pardon the Ophthalmology” session features Terry Kim, MD


Dr. Kim, also known as DJ Special K, was recently featured in an article about how he juggles DJing with his hectic schedule as a surgeon. To learn more, click here. Dr. Kim also spins his music at a private event every year during ASCRS. 


Lumenis Presents Interim Safety, Efficacy Results of IPL with OPT for Treating Dry Eye at #ascrsasoa2016https://t.co/tJro0GIoOP

- Ophthalmology Times (@OphthTimes) May 6, 2016

Lumenis presents data for new treatment for dry eye


Lumenis releases data from their clinical trial studying 40 patients receiving 3 treatments for dry eye caused by Meibomian Gland Dynsfunction (MGD). The study included examinations of tear break-up time, SPEED questionaire scores, and tear osmolarity.

Related: How sleep patterns may affect MGD, dry eye


Fast Track Marketing #ascrsasoa2016 after party @Eyemaginations@rachelseyes@SkotTheMarketer@Opticall@IAMALPHAEONhttps://t.co/BK3pjTRnTb

- Fast-Track Marketing (@FTMarketing) May 11, 2016

The New Orleans fun didn't stop at the end of sessions!


Housing for the 2017 ASCRS•ASOA Symposium & Congress, May 5–9, is now open! https://t.co/VLlPDkwLZ8pic.twitter.com/TN24Pf0J0p

- ASCRS (@ASCRStweets) May 6, 2016

See you next year in Los Angeles!


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