Visus Therapeutics launches phase 2 clinical trial for presbyopia treatment

Clinical-stage pharma company announces next step in investigation of BRIMOCHOL to treat presbyopia.

Visus Therapeutics announced today the beginning of its phase 2 clinical trial of BRIMOCHOLTMophthalmic solution currently under investigation for the treatment of presbyopia.

BRIMOCOHOL is a proprietary pupil-modulating eye drop consisting of two pharmaceuticals: carbachol (a cholinergic agent) and brimonidine tartrate (an alpha-2 agonist). A “pinhole effect,” is created by the combination, which sharpens distant and near images while minimizing any side effects. This results in vision clarity for near tasks such as reading or operating a smartphone.

The phase 2 clinical trial consists of a double-masked, randomized crossover study that evaluates the safety and efficacy of two proprietary formulations of BRIMOCHOL in patients with emmetropic phakic and pseudophakic presbyopia, according to a company news release.

Approximately 42 patients are expected to be enrolled, with the primary endpoint targeting the percentage of patients who gain three lines or more in near visual acuity without a loss of distance vision.

Top line data from the trial is expected in mid-2021, the release stated.


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