Trukera Medical rebranding allows team to expand into the broader corneal health market


Adam Szaronos, President and CEO of Trukera Medical, discusses the recent rebranding of TearLab as well as the launch of the ScoutPro Osmolarity System.

Video transcript

Note: This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

Adam Szaronos: My name is Adam Szaronos. I'm the CEO at Trukera Medical. We're so excited to be here this year in Chicago at the American Academy of Ophthalmology for a number of reasons. At Trukera Medical, we've recently rebranded our organization historically founded as TearLab, a one-product company focused on in vitro diagnostics to help advance corneal health and decision making.

After nearly 25 million tests globally, today, we're now launching our second generation system. And with that opportunity, we're now also in a position to start looking across the spectrum of corneal health needs. And with an expanded vision to be the world's leading cornea health company for providers and patients, we felt it was appropriate to make sure we had a company identity that better reflected that growing portfolio in vision.

The second reason we're excited to be here is the launch of that product itself. We've learned a lot over those 25 million tests, in particular the barriers it takes to helping to get good diagnostic testing into the hands of today's busy cataract and refractive practices. We knew we needed a solution that was portable, practical and precise. And over the last two years, we've been working on that solution. It's called the ScoutPro Osmolarity System. It's the first in the US, portable, handheld objective diagnostic test to help physicians identify at-risk osmolarity levels prior to refractive surgery, and also help patients evaluate and manage those lab results to determine therapy after surgery.

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