Comparing micro-bypass implant + phaco vs phaco in POAG

Thomas Samuelson, MD, speaks on the outcomes of a three-year trial analyzing the iStent inject trabecular micro-bypass + phaco versus phaco alone in patients with POAG.

Safety, efficacy of KPI-121 0.25% for DED treatment

Preeya Gupta, MD, discusses the results of a study evaluating the safety and efficacy of KPI-121 0.25% for the treatment of dry eye disease.

Visual outcomes of small-aperture IOL implant in post-laser refractive eyes

Robert Ang, MD, discusses highlights of his AAO 2020 presentation on a study analyzing the vIsual outcomes of a small-aperture IOL implantation in patients with a history of post-laser refractive surgery.

Evaluating long-term safety of micro-bypass implant with phaco in PXG

December 12, 2020

Tanner Ferguson, MD, Cole Eye Institute, discusses findings from the study "Trabecular Micro-bypass Stent Implantation (iStent)" + Phacoemulsification in PXG: Six-Year Outcomes," during the virtual AAO 2020 meeting.

Integrating AI to manage DR in a primary care setting

December 01, 2020

Ehsan Rahimy, MD, speaks on the highlights of a study he presented at this year's virtual AAO 2020 meeting that aimed to integrate an artificial intelligence screening system for managing diabetic retinopathy referrals in a primary care setting — with limited specialty support.