Tips for better contract negotiations for young ophthalmologists

Lisa Nijm, MD, advises young ophthalmologists on how to find common ground with their preferred practice and find solutions in the negotiation process that will help both parties flourish.

Teprotumumab for thyroid eye disease: Real world study of patient adherence

Dr. Raymond Douglas discusses the real-world adherence to teprotumumab as a treatment for thyroid eye disease.

Anti-VEGF therapy reduces vision loss, slows progression in severe NPDR

Dr. Quan Dong Nguyen reviews a Monte Carlo simulation that showed evidence that treating severe NPDR with anti-VEGF therapy garners positive results.

Four pearls for corneal collagen cross-linking

February 03, 2022

Preeya Gupta, MD, walks through her four pearls for successful corneal collagen cross-linking, including handling patient expectations, managing the epithelial cells and preventing infectious keratitis.