Spectable lens offers 'high definition' vision


The wavefront-guided lenses are made of programmable material that can be customized to each eye's 'optical fingerprint.'

SoCal has been the launch market for the first integrated, non-surgical, truly customized vision correction system. In addition to iZon lenses, the Ophthonix solution for optimizing vision also includes the Z-View aberrometer, which provides a more precise, objective examination. Measuring more than 11,300 points across each pupil, the Z-View produces a digital wavefront prescription, which is then used to program the iZon lens proprietary material to change the refractive index on a point-for-point basis. The process is comparable to burning a CD.

"There are over 1,500 iZon lens wearers, with more than 80% of patients giving the lenses the highest marks for overall satisfaction," said Andreas Dreher, PhD, Ophthonix president and CEO.

Among its other features are:

The Z-View aberrometer contains a "smart" proprietary algorithm, known as algiZon, that identifies the best candidates for iZon wavefront-guided spectacle lenses.

Patient satisfaction rates have run so high primarily because iZon lenses provide 10-fold greater accuracy, what some have called "high-definition" vision. The iZon lenses significantly improve visual acuity, low-contrast visual acuity, and contrast sensitivity.

Large numbers of patients have reported significantly improved night vision. The claim was validated by a study conducted with 30 subjects in a controlled FDA-validated night-driving simulator. The results showed that the iZon lenses can improve a driver's ability to identify pedestrians by an average of 330 milliseconds compared with conventional lenses.

"That means a driver can see a pedestrian or situation at about 30 ft. sooner at 55 mph, which is comparable to about three car lengths or the distance across a typical intersection," explained Dr. Dreher. "That 3/10 of a second could be a lifesaver."

From optical dispensing and refractive surgery perspectives, Mihir Parikh, MD, is pleased with the products. Dr. Parikh has used the Ophthonix system in his La Jolla, CA-based practice since June 2005. Patients have reported that the iZon lenses provide corrected vision that is as good as standard glasses and, in many cases, better.

"That's why you can confidently sell the product," said Dr. Parikh. The public has been made aware of wavefront technology through advertising by refractive surgeons. So the high-end technology attracts and wins over new patients.

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