Narrower suction ring for microkeratome allows for easier flap cut on all orbit sizes

San Diego-The Amadeus Microkeratome (Advanced Medical Optics Inc. [AMO]) boasts a narrow 9-mm suction ring, which allows LASIK to be performed ona wider range ofpatients comparedwith other microkeratomes that do not have this size ring available. Y. Ralph Chu, MD, who uses this suction ring almost exclusively, described his experience at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery annual meeting.

"I think that the Amadeus is one of the safest and simplest microkeratomes to use because there is no on-eye assembly required. It is a one-handed microkeratome. Once suction is achieved, a flap can be cut," Dr. Chu said.

Switching to a narrow ring "The surgeon has to be mindful of suction when switching from a standard size suction ring to a narrow ring when using any microkeratome. There is less volume inside the suction ring when using the narrow ring. However, we have not had any problems with suction with the narrow ring," he emphasized.

When Dr. Chu and colleagues evaluated the narrow suction ring in a study of 62 eyes, they found that there was no loss of suction or development of complications. There was one case in which the epithelium stretched, which resembled a bubble on the cornea.

The refractive outcomes in the 62 eyes were good, he said. Three months postoperatively, 62% of eyes achieved 20/20 uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA) and all had 20/40.

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