Moving beyond the drop: CEO provides updates on Oyster Point's pipeline


Jeff Nau, PhD, MMS, President and CEO of Oyster Point Pharmaceuticals, provides an appraisal of the company's pipeline as well as updates on recent innovations to hit the market.

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Note: This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

Jeff Nau, PhD, MMS: Hi, I'm Jeff Nau. I'm the the president and CEO of Oyster Point Pharmaceuticals. We're located in Princeton, New Jersey. And I'm here at the Eyecelerator 2022 meeting, and wanted to give an update as we're one year since the launch of Tyrvaya: Last October, we received our FDA approval, and in November, we launched the product into the US marketplace. We've had a great year with a lot of great uptake into the marketplace. We're really excited about the expanded patient access we've been able to offer and the adoption in the marketplace with all the dry eye practitioners.

This year, we'll have at the end of the year a readout of our phase 2 Olympia trial, which is in neurotrophic keratopathy. And so we look to expand our label into the future with dry eye disease as well as neurotrophic keratopathy. And we're excited in the future to also present data on our expanding gene therapy pipeline. So I want to thank everybody for joining us here at Eyecelerator.

So the new developments that we work on are really focused on treating diseases of the ocular surface, but we're doing it in a way that we can actually deliver it through pathways that are novel. So our product is the first and only nasal spray to treat dry eye disease. So it's not another drop that we deliver to the ocular surface. And then in our pipeline, when we think about our gene therapy program, we're using gene therapy to harness the power of the lacrimal gland. And when we transduce the lacrimal gland, we can actually use the lacrimal gland as a drug delivery device to deliver therapeutic proteins, enzymes and peptides to the ocular surface. So we're really trying to develop a new era where we move beyond the drop and we move to new delivery mechanisms.

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