Glaucoma 360: An update on tube shunt surgeries


Ying Han, MD, PhD, provides some key takeaways from her Glaucoma 360 2023 presentation, "Tube shunt update."

Ying Han, MD, PhD, provides an overview of her presentation on tube shunt surgery and how to provide the best care for patients suffering from Glaucoma at Glaucoma Research Foundation's annual Glaucoma Symposium with David Hutton of Ophthalmology Times®.

Editor's note - This transcript has been edited for clarity:

David Hutton:

Hi, I'm David Hutton of Ophthalmology Times. I'm joined today by Dr. Ying Han, who presented "Tube Shunt Update" at this year's Glaucoma 360 event in San Francisco. Thanks for joining us today. Tell us about your presentation.

Ying Han:

Thank you so much, David. It's really my pleasure to join this conference. It's my favorite conference. My presentation is about the tube shunt update. As we all know, tube shunt has been broadly used in glaucoma management [to] control patients who cannot be treated for trabeculectomy or traditional incisional surgeries and also for some of the secondary glaucoma patients. It has been used more and more frequently.

So as we talked in our presentation, we talk about what surgical intervention we could do for the patient who failed the primary tube. Is there any procedure we can take actions for those patients that await a secondary tube shunt? Also, we give a couple examples of interesting patients who received a bilateral tube shunt surgery or there's intraoperative tube shunt complications.

The goal and the purpose of this presentation is to help us be more familiar with the tube shunt surgery and then provide the best care for our patient. Especially the patients with difficult glaucoma, secondary glaucoma, or the glaucoma cannot be easily handled with primary incisional surgeries. Thank you very much.

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