French made early contributions to ophthalmology

Recently the French lost out in the World Cup finals, so let's look at their most important early historic contributions to ophthalmology and make them feel better!

The first ophthalmologist we want to look at is Antoine Maître-Jan (1650-1725), who is considered to be the father of French ophthalmology. His early education was obtained at the University of Paris, following which he returned to his small, rural hometown to practice.

Julius (Jules) Sichel (1802-1868) was an ophthalmologist who founded the first ophthalmic hospital in Paris. He was born in Germany and studied medicine in Berlin, where he received his degree in 1825. In 1830 following working together with Jaeger in Vienna, he settled in Paris, where in 1832 he founded the first ophthalmic hospital in that city.