Ophthalmology Times: April 2022

Achromatopsia: New oculomotor characteristics of rare inherited disease

May 02, 2022

Treatments include tinted spectacles and/or contact lenses, low-vision aids, atropine drops, and patching for amblyopia, as well as eye muscle surgery for the nystagmus or any anomalous head posture and associated strabismus.

Advances in cyclophotocoagulation: Good, better, best

April 28, 2022

Ophthalmologists have seen a progression in cyclophotocoagulation (CPC), with each generation becoming more doctor and patient friendly. Shan C. Lin, MD, a glaucoma specialist at the Glaucoma Center of San Francisco in California, described the advances in the technology.

The glaucoma market: Novel devices, drugs drive rapid, sustained expansion

April 26, 2022

The glaucoma market seems to be in an expansion phase, as evidenced by the explosions in the number of new pharmaceutical and surgical options entering the marketplace. The introduction of new devices is possibly the single most influential factor currently driving the glaucoma market.

The offerings and limitations of digital health care in ophthalmology

April 21, 2022

Over the past 2 years, retina specialists and their patients have learned how AI may be a tool physicians can use to monitor patients for disease progression, how telemedicine might mean more than a mere video chat between patient and clinician, and how the tools of the 21st century were closer to real-world practice than anticipated.

Unraveling the mysteries of amblyopia and fixation eye movements

April 19, 2022

In patients with amblyopia, minuscule fixation eye movements play a major role with treatment, according to Fatema Ghasia, MD, associate professor of ophthalmology and director of the Vision Neuroscience and Ocular Motility Laboratory at the Cole Eye Institute at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

Emerging medical and surgical presbyopic treatments

April 18, 2022

Ophthalmologists have several options at their disposal for the treatment of presbyopia, according to Elizabeth Yeu, MD, a partner at Virginia Eye Consultants and an assistant professor at Eastern Virginia Med¬ical School in Norfolk. Speaking recently at the virtual 2022 Toronto Cataract Course, Yeu noted that innovation is advancing in presbyopia correction.