Andrew Carey, MD


VLOG: NeuroOp Guru: Novel mitochondrial mutation found in a case of isolated LHON

Andrew Lee, MD, and Andrew Carey, MD, sit down on another episode of the NeuroOp Guru to discuss a novel mitochondrial mutation found in a case of isolated LHON (Leber hereditary optic neuropathy).

Carlton Yuen, MD


Depth-of-focus enhancement makes target easier to hit

Lens an option for complicated eyes, astigmatism, monovision candidates.

Bret L. Fisher, MD


Comparable conscious sedation methods address individual patient needs

Sublingual troche sedation represents attractive anesthesia option for specific subset of patients with cataracts.

Noha Ekdawi, MD, FAAP


Experience with Soft Contact Lenses for Pediatric Myopia

Dr Noha Ekdawi shares her experience using soft contact lenses to combat myopia progression and emphasizes the importance of proactive treatment in managing myopia effectively.

David P. Piñero, PhD


Link between neurodevelopmental disorders, visual problems studied

Investigators find that youth show altered ocular movements, reduced amplitude of accommodation.

Michael Mbagwu, MD


Intracanalicular corticosteroid insert safe for postsurgical inflammation, pain

Study demonstrates power of IRIS Registry for evaluation of safety, efficacy

Rebekah Bernard, MD


Strategies for coping with physician depression during COVID-19

Medical practitioners face emotional burden, other hurdles from pandemic

Jai G. Parekh, MD, MBA, FAAO


The importance of ocular health prior to cataract and refractive surgery

Dr. Jai Parekh, a clinical associate professor of Ophthalmology/The New York Eye & Infirmary of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and David Hutton, Managing Editor of Opthalmology Times discuss the importance of ocular health prior to cataract and refractive surgery, specifically with osmolarity testing.

Stephanie Marioneaux, MD


World Sight Day 2023: Understanding and alleviating digital eye fatigue

Stephanie Marioneaux, MD, an ophthalmologist and cornea specialist, addresses the widespread issue of digital eye strain in honor of World Sight Day.

Michael Heath


Study: Accurate refractive predictions remain difficult in patients with keratoconus

Newer generation formulas generally outperformed older generation formulas, with SRK/T performing the best of older formulas, especially when using TK values.

Steven I. Rosenfeld, MD


Optimizing ocular surface to achieve full visual potential continues after surgery

Although it is always important to consider optimizing the ocular surface for all patients to improve their vision, it is of critical importance before cataract surgery.

Gordana Sunaric-Mégevand, MD


MIGS helping to personalize glaucoma surgery options

Although minimally invasive procedure gives hope, additional research is required.

Meghana Chalasani


Shine on social media like ModaMD: Real World Ophthalmology

An overview of Jesse Berry’s advice for starting and growing a social media account

Marguerite B. McDonald, MD, FACS


Final Pearls on Managing Dry Eye Patients With Comorbidities

Ophthalmologists end their discussion on the management of dry eye disease with other ocular comorbidities highlighting key takeaways and prospective advances in care and outcomes.

Marjan Farid, MD


Boosting short-term dry eye management in patients

Fast-acting efficacious options are key to treating acute inflammation

Justin Schweitzer, OD, FAAO


IKA Keratoconus Symposium 2023: Strategies for early diagnosis

At the IKA Keratoconus Symposium, Justin Schweitzer, OD, FAAO, presented on establishing the keratoconus diagnosis alongside Kourtney Houser, MD.

Elise Kramer, OD, FAAO, FSLS


Keratoconus and perfect vision: Is it possible?

Eye care providers must look beyond visual acuity in screening for disease.

Emily Rich


Children’s mental health and the impact of vision impairment

Two studies conducted in collaboration with Orbis International explore how providing free glasses to children improves their ability to learn in school and that addressing visual impairment in children can alleviate depression and anxiety.

Andrew S. Morgenstern, OD, FAAO, FNAP


IKA Keratoconus Symposium 2023: In-person white paper development, live patient Q&A

President and CEO of the International Keratoconus Academy Andrew Morgenstern, OD, FAAO, FNAP, shares some snippets about the live white paper development session and the patient Q&A happening at the inaugural IKA Keratoconus Symposium.



Connecting the dots between the complement pathway and geographic atrophy

Currently enrolling a Phase 2 trial to evaluate the role of complement factor B protein in age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

Jordan Rosenfeld


The tech savvy physician: How AI will transform your practice

Investigators find technology aids instruction of medical students

John C. Baldinger, MD


Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery: One physician’s story

Ophthalmologist outlines his journey with the procedure as a late adopter.

Elaine Ye Wang, MD


BLOG: MicroPulse TLT for patients who struggle with drops

In cases where patients struggle with applying or tolerating eye drops, especially after previous selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) treatment, MicroPulse transscleral laser therapy (TLT) offers a practical solution.

Peter Hnik, MD, MHSc


Blog: Cannabinol, a rare cannabinoid, shows unique therapeutic potential in glaucoma

A recent study of cannabinol in in vitro and in vivo glaucoma models, demonstrated encouraging results that may address some of the previous challenges associated with cannabis use and may present a new potential therapeutic intervention in the treatment of glaucoma.

Akihiro Kakehashi, MD, PhD


The truth about invisible posterior vitreous structures

The advanced swept-source OCT technology allows visualization of the variations in the normal changes and those associated with aging in the posterior vitreous.

Ashtyn Zapletal


Pigskins and perception: How neuro-ophthalmology influences NFL referees

Every football fan knows the scrutiny that NFL game officials are put under every game day, and now a group of ophthalmologists is trying to ensure they can perform at their best each weekend.

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