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Retinal camera produces 3-D stereo images in one shot

A 3-D simultaneous stereoscopic retinal camera that allows stereo images to be taken in one shot, offers an automatic mosaic merge function, and provides a full 45-degree field angle in two-dimensional mode has been introduced by Kowa Optimed Inc.

Reminder service brings smiles

Making phone calls to remind patients about upcoming appointments may become a thing of the past.

Gather the evidence to make case for glaucoma treatment

Although heuristic factors will always be a part of the art of ophthalmomology, we are now in an era in which payments for medical treatments are going to be increasingly scrutinized for therapeutic effectiveness.

Dual-linear phacoemulsification platform separates phaco, vacuum

August 15, 2009

A dual-linear phacoemulsification platform (available on the Stellaris, Bausch & Lomb) separates phaco and vacuum, allowing cataract surgeons to maximize their control over the cataract removal procedure.

Glaucoma progression: Monitor disease with multi-step process

December 01, 2008

As understanding of the multifaceted nature of glaucoma continues to grow, the steps practitioners need to take to monitor progression of the disease evolve. Key steps to take to monitor progression include confirming with repeat testing any visual function loss, remembering that structural measurements have variability, and using structural and functional testing together.

When amblyopia treatment fails, adherence is likely an issue

November 15, 2008

Parents of children with amblyopia may have several reasons (or excuses) for not following a prescribed patching regimen. Ophthalmologists who are following the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group guidelines but are not achieving the desired results, should first examine whether patients are adhering to the prescribed therapy.