Richard J. Duffey, MD

Denver Health

DHMC, Dept. Ob/Gyn

777 Bannock St., MC 0660

Refractive surgeon in the Premier Medical Eye Group, Mobile, AL.


Femtosecond laser provides option of thinner LASIK flaps

There has been a recent trend toward thinner flaps for LASIK to decrease the risk of corneal ectasia following surgery. Other advantages exist as well for patients undergoing thin-flap LASIK.

ASCRS survey LASIK continues to be predominant

San Francisco-LASIK continues to be the predominant refractive procedure for treating patients with refractive errors ranging from +3 to -9 to -10 D, according to Richard J. Duffey, MD, who presented the results of the 2002 ASCRS survey of U.S. trends in refractive sur-gery.