Nancy Groves


IIH mechanisms clarified

To clarify whether total intracranial CSF volume increases in IIH, researchers prospectively studied MRI-derived measures of total cranial, ventricular, and extraventricular CSF volumes in patients with IIH and controls. Results showed that the extraventricular CSF space was significantly greater in the patient group versus the controls. The ventricular volume was the same between the two groups.

Eye movement affects glaucomatous vision

Certain eye movement patterns seem to be associated with better face recognition performance in patients with central glaucomatous visual field loss.

Retinal prosthesis on track for further testing

The 256+ channel Boston subretinal prosthesis is on track for in vivo validation of function and an FDA investigational device exemption application.

Earlier intervention more effective

May 01, 2012

Many ophthalmologists may be dropping the ball when treating moderate dry eye, which could result in progression to more severe stages of disease.