Karen Giberson


Reading glasses meet the next generation, and do it with style

According to the 2006 U.S. Census more than 112 million Americans are over the age of 45 and will most likely need reading glasses. This provides a unique business opportunity for dispensaries. As a generation who loves quality, style, and design, it makes sense that our new wave of shoppers will want the same attributes from their reading glasses. If we take the time to dress well, selecting just the right necktie, jewelry, or accessory, we are not going to want to pull out a bland pair of reading glasses in a meeting. Our love of brands and fashion will extend to our readers.

Your most visible accessory

During the past 10 years, almost every major designer has gotten into this high-margin, high-exposure category. Consumers have responded favorably, happy to own a piece of their favorite brands. Since most ready-to-wear is not outwardly brand-identified, if the shopper wants to make a brand statement, the outward logo on an accessory is a logical way to show off. It makes perfect sense that the brand trend should extend strongly into the world of prescription eyewear.