Joy Gibb, ABOC

Holy Cross Hospital

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Joy L. Gibb, ABOC began her optical career in 1986 and has managed an independent retail opticianry and owned a mobile optical service. She currently oversees the optical dispensary for Daynes Eye and Lasik in Bountiful, Utah. In addition, she often con


Tips to get more bang for your buck and increase referrals

There are essential components to a budget for your practice-rent, utilities, and staff wages to name a few. But there should also be another section in your budget for marketing.

Combatting UPP at the source

In her latest blog, Joy Gibb, ABOC, writes how ophthalmologists can fight UPP at the source-your patients.

Mystery solved: Handling hotheaded patients

In her latest blog, Joy Gibb, ABOC, solves the much avoided topic of handling your most stubborn patients.

Daydreaming of the perfect practice

March 21, 2015

In her debut Blog, Joy Gibb, ABOC, encourages physicians to daydream with their team to create their ideal practice.