Joseph F. Mussoline, MD

Dr. Mussoline is an assistant surgeon at Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia.


Dry-eye drops and the different implications for patients

Important differences exist between the various classes of over-the-counter eye drops. Physicians play a vital role in explaining these differences, as well as their potential implications in the treatment of the symptoms of dry eye and other conditions, to patients. Educating patients about the available formulations not only may expedite the relief of their symptoms but also may save them time and money.

Early allergy season springs into action

This year's fierce winter is now about to bring a big dose of misery to the 60 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies. Experts predict a fast-peaking, intense spring allergy season. Moisture accumulated from heavy snow and excessive rain has nurtured mold, and will fuel tree-pollen production-all of which will trigger an early and severe allergy season.