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Tonometer challenges standard with corneal hysteresis

Use of drugs and drainage implants also improves trabeculectomy outcomes

Precious Metals

If you were to do an Internet search for "titanium," you would likely get hundreds of hits, including titanium appliances, jewelry, tools, and surgical instruments.

Designing with style

For ophthalmologists who have decided to add an optical dispensary to their offices, the process of designing and equipping the space can be a daunting experience. Far more than just attaching frame display racks to the walls, the optical dispensary should be coordinated and blended with the decor and design of the rest of the office. It should also be designed for maximum efficiency and represent the doctors' aesthetic tastes.

Benefits of optical dispensary go beyond bottom line

September 15, 2003

When California ophthalmologist Leslie J. Weil, MD, was in the process of designing her private office, she made sure to include enough room for an optical dispensary.