Trending now: RSC sees 32% YTD rise in LVC procedure volume over 2020

SAP Partner | <b>Refractive Surgery Council</b>

Renewed consumer interest in and demand for LASIK, SMILE, and other procedures are among the key drivers for 2021 performance.

The Refractive Surgery Council (RSC)—which helps consumers make informed choices about vision correction options—reported laser vision correction (LVC) procedure volume for Q4 2021 at 190,509, marking a year-to-date increase of 32 percent over 2020.

Moreover, the total procedure volume for 2021 topped 833,000 for the first time since RSC began tracking LASIK, SMILE and PRK procedures in 2015—pointing to a significant consumer shift toward refractive surgery options to glasses and contacts.

These procedure options­—each of which uses sophisticated computer-guided laser technology to reshape the cornea to improve its ability to focus—suit a significant portion of the 165 million American adults who need vision correction, according to RSC.

“We can confidently state LASIK, SMILE and other laser vision correction procedures are trending upwards," said RSC Chairman Jim Wachtman.

"Looking at the historical data, it is clear 2021’s performance is reflective of a renewed consumer interest in and demand for the procedures, not just about catching up from pandemic-related disruptions,” Wachtman added. “Given the trend in people prioritizing their personal goals, we are very optimistic about 2022.”

RSC notes its procedure volume report is based upon utilization data gathered from the industry’s leading refractive device manufacturers, providing a valuable market performance indicator for the sector.