PPE packs helping ophthalmologists restore patient confidence amid COVID-19


In an effort to help ophthalmologists bring patients back to the office, a global ophthalmic medical device manufacturer has unveiled a line of patient personal protection equipment packs.

A global ophthalmic medical device manufacturer has unveiled a line of patient personal protection equipment (PPE) packs to help ophthalmologists bring patients back to the office and OR with confidence. 

As the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic hit the US, ophthalmology was one of the hardest hit medical specialties. 

Ophthalmologists are now seeking to get back to normal and address the backlog of patients whose vision has been negatively impacted by postponing their visits.

While each practice has made their own decisions on how to reopen, guided by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and local regulations, a single factor has proven crucial: restoring patients’ confidence.

BVI has focused on simplifying the implementation and communication of protective protocols. BVI Patient Packs provide a ready-to-use package that includes a face mask, bouffant cap, shoe covers and an optional isolation gown along with easy-to-understand patient instructions.

According to the company, the packs ease the burden of sourcing trustworthy vendors for various products, giving customers access to the right mix of FDA-approved PPE, and giving its ophthalmic partners peace of mind.

The company developed the packs in collaboration with ophthalmic surgeons and administrators to reduce the complexity for patients who may have vision limitations. It also addressed concerns in bringing patients back to the office.

Darin Dixon, BVI’s vice president of US sales, noted that since the start of the pandemic, the company has prioritized projects internally for ways to help in the recovery.

“We are proud that we can leverage our supply chain expertise and custom procedure pack capabilities to react and provide this service at a reasonable price point with the highest measure of quality and reliability,” he said. “With the uncertainties lurking for the fall season, we want to help our customers be as prepared as possible to service their patients.”

With the ready-to-use Patient Packs, healthcare providers have a unique opportunity to give a differentiated patient experience and encourage reluctant patients to return to their regular ophthalmic visits. Patient packs are now available in the United States.

BVI recently partnered with Haywood Vocational Opportunities (HVO) to provide isolation gowns to US healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic effort.

The two companies designed, tested and manufactured an isolation gown in under three months. BVI distributed the gowns in North Carolina, where HVO, a manufacturer of medical drapes, is based.

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