Glaucoma 360: Glaucoma management lessons learned from a pandemic

Oluwatosin U. Smith, MD, provides some key takeaways from her Glaucoma 360 2023 presentation, "Glaucoma Management Lessons Learned from a Pandemic."

Editor's note - This transcript has been edited for clarity:

Oluwatosin U. Smith:

Glaucoma 360 is one of my favorite meetings and my presentation tomorrow, actually, talks about 10 lessons learned after the pandemic. I know many of us take care of glaucoma patients, and the COVID pandemic actually gave us insight into things that we need to do differently as we take care of patients.

So my talk is going to be based off of 10 things that I think you walked away from that experience with. Things that happened during that period—whether it was things that were in the pipeline that seems to be accelerated because of the pandemic, or new insights we have as to taking care of our patients and deficits that there are in care. It's gonna be an exciting talk.

I think the New Horizon Forum today focuses on some of the things that I will address in that talk. And it's just exciting to see that as a glaucoma community, we not only are seeing the issues that we face as we take care of patients, but also trying to find adequate solutions for them.

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