Dry eye kit provides economic start to punctal plugs

Lakewood, CO—The Dry Eye Starter Kit from FCI Ophthalmics offers an additional bonus to ophthalmologists trying to cut costs. The pricing provides a discount to clinicians treating dry eye syndrome with punctal plugs.

Douglas Campbell, DO, uses the dry eye starter kit and said that the economic price was a determining factor in his purchasing decision.

"The savings that the company offers is considerable compared with the cost of plugs from other manufacturers," Dr. Campbell said. "Punctal plugs are simple devices. The design of these is not much different from others available, but the cost is the most attractive feature.

The starter kit includes one box of slim petite (0.5 SL) plugs (two plugs per box), one box of micro (0.6 mm) plugs (two plugs per box), one box of mini (0.7 mm) plugs (two plugs per box), one collagen trial pack (18 per box), one punctal gauge set on a sterilizing case, one zone quick (50 sets per box), three examination room eye posters, one pack of dry eye brochures (100 brochures per pack), and one CD, video, or both for the practitioner and patient.

Punctal plugs in other sizes are also available from the manufacturer, including: slim mini (0.4 SL), small (0.8 mm, medium (0.9 mm), and large (1 mm). The punctal plug sizes featured in the starter kit include the most popular sizes.

Anne Bohsack, vice president of sales and operations, FCI Ophthalmics, said the Marshfield Hills, MA, company has been manufacturing punctal plugs for many years.

Recently, the decision was made to target the kit for clinicians starting out in the treatment of dry eye because all the components, such as information on insertion, may not have been readily at hand for them.

"While the kit and its components are not new, many physicians may not yet realize it is available," Bohsack concluded. The dry eye starter kit, which has been available only since January, is priced under $300.